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Our state of the art machining capabilities allow us to produce a superior fitting.
The assemblies that we produce are used in a variety of ways.
Some common uses are for slings and hoists, perimeter restraints,
operating controls, and as part of equipment and machinery.

We will customize your order.

Ordering process:
Specify the diameter of the wire rope, construction, grade, and length of the intended assembly and we'll work to make sure your application works to best suit your needs. Detailed drawings, sketches and other relevant information are always helpful. Then, leave the technical stuff to us.

* We will gladly inventory your custom print for future reference.

Once it is determined that all the specifics are accurate, we begin machining and producing your part(s).

The fitting is attached/fixed to wire rope by a process referred to as "swaging" ( a process that forms a bond between the cable and the fitting). Below is an illustration of our 1000-ton "National" press. this one of the many machines used in producing the assembly

The finished product undergoes a final quality control inspection before being shipped.

We love a challenge !

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